About OALA

Ontario First Nation Lands Managers Working Together for a Better Tomorrow

OALA provides networking, peer support and training opportunities for First Nation Lands Managers in Ontario.

In 1995 a small group of Ontario First Nation Lands Managers formed an association to address unique land management issues and related common interests while providing a forum to strategize on problems and concerns. OALA was formed to support and assist fellow Lands Managers when needed.

This group was the first of its kind in all of Canada.

We can proudly say the OALA was the birth of Regional Lands Association organizations Nationwide!

One of the original goals was to establish a National Lands Management Association consisting of Lands Managers across Canada. This was accomplished in 2000 at a National Gathering in Toronto with the birth of the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association.

Goals & Objectives


The Ontario Aboriginal Lands Association will continue to be a firm base which will include the continuing development of the organizational structure and mandate of the professional association.


OALA will be a means to Lands Managers in Ontario for the professional exchange of information and support.

Professional Development

OALA will be a means for Lands Managers in Ontario for the professional development for First Nation Lands Management and Administration


OALA will provide an opportunity to assist various levels of government and provincial territorial organizations as to the existing and future management of First Nation lands.

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