The Importance of Creating a Will - GoToWebinar

Event Details

30 June 2021
Dates: 30 June 2021
Location: GoToWebinar

This OALA webinar will be a broad overview of why it is so important for First Nation people to create wills.

Learning objectives will include:

  • requirements for a valid will
  • who can make a will
  • review of Section 48 of the Indian Act which speaks to how your estate is distributed upon intestacy
  • the difference between heirs and beneficiaries and the review of a sample will template

Participants will have an opportunity to share best practices and participate in a Q & A period.

Instructor:  Alison Irons-Cummings, Estates Coordinator, OALA

Thank you to those who participated. Copies of the presentation are available to OALA Members by logging into the Member Portal.

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